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There was a lonly old hound dog in the back yard on a close line with a very long leash. This old fox hound caught the scent of a bunny in the brush behind the fence. Of course he could not resist a good chase. He took off and the leash line broke and he was free to run. he ran really fast after the bunny rabbit but the rabbit made a hair pin turn just before the edge of the precipese. The old hound dog failed to make the turn quick enough and the next thing he knew he was in a bad situation sliding down a very steep cliff towards the river. He was lucky not to get hung by the trailing leash as he cascaded toward the boulders below.  Some how he did not seem to be hurt when he landed at the bottom. But he was now trapped on a small spit of rocks along side the river with no chance of climbing out. The current in the river was really fast and when he tried to swim for it... it almost swept him out into the rising river. He ran back and forth along this little boulder strewn spit of land until he found himself struggling to get his leash unwrapped from the boulders. He tried in vain to get loose from his collar. He was left with no hope of escape and the river was rising his head held low by the entangled leash. So being a hound with good voice he began to howl at the top of his lungs. Some golfers at the course all the way across the river heard his terrible bellowing. Just as the Metro Water Services Environmental Monitoring boat was making its weekly sampling stop in the middle of the river. The golfers screamed at the sampling boat people to check and see why the hound was making all the commotion.The distance was so far they couldn't see he was being strangled by his collar and leash. The water service men took a closer look and the  pictures below tell the rest of the story.

Free Free at last

And he was very happy ... wagging his tail in appreciation.