The Road Poet Presents 

7th Annual Sneaky No Peaky Rally

May 18TH 2008 @ 12:45PM for registration

What is the Sneaky No Peeky Poker Rally?


          The Sneaky No Peeky Poker Rally is an annual event presented by The Road Poet for area automotive enthusiast. The event this year is special ... The event is really simple for the participants.

What do Nashville Corvette Club Members need to do?

 Basically you register your Corvette, a driver and a navigator ( Co-Pilot).

There will be other cars in the rally so if the Corvette won’t go you can still play. Once you have registered, you meet with all participants at the “Launch Point”.

Where is the launch point?

This year the launch point will be the Matco Tool Company parking lot on Murfreesboro Rd. south of Starwood Amphitheatre.

When you arrive, you will be assigned a car number and issued your first card in a sealed envelope. On the outside of the envelope there will be driving directions to a check point where you will obtain another sealed envelope. With directions to the next check point and the third envelope. Inside these envelopes are playing cards. You cannot peek into the envelope until you have followed all the driving directions and arrived at the final check point. You will find five check point envelopes and receive one more when you arrive at the final check point making a total of seven sealed envelopes. It is no peek into the envelopes until …You will be seated at playing tables and when the Rally Master determines it is time to reveal you will play seven card stud with the cards hidden in the envelopes. The best poker hand (five cards) made from your seven enveloped cards wins the hand. There are several awards so there will be several best hands.

The rally may mention along the route items of interest that you will need to take note of. There may be observers along the route who may give you more information or warnings of possible hazards. The rally will take about a couple of hours to complete and will not direct you up dead ends or onto unpaved surfaces. The instructions to follow the course may be some what cryptic but not too hard to decipher. There will be rules of the road and rules of the rally to adhere to. It has been a very popular event for the past five years. Besides Nashville corvette club Members there will be participants from other car clubs playing too. Not to fear NCCC members will not play their hands against non NCCC members’ hands. Trophies are hand made by The Road Poet Cottage Industries each year and are always really “unique” one of a kind awards.

 You may wish to bring a cell phone. A compass, a clipboard, Pens and paper, maps, sundials, luggage, water and food items.  The final check point will be a good place to eat and refresh with beverages.

 If you get lost there will be a phone number you can call to ask for aide.  The rally master may be helpful or not depending on your needs and the cause of error you are trying to fix. There will be a reasonable time limit in which to complete the rally and arrive at the final check point.  

Come On Out and Play

The Sneaky No Peeky Poker Rally

 Submitted Respectfully for your driving Pleasure,

George J. Kimble

“The Road Poet”