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Spinning Out Of Control

†††† †††††††††† By George J. Kimble


We just met

Long brown hair

Ainít nobodyís pet

Lips to share

Got no roots yet

Just donít dare

Feeling much regret

We canít be a pair


††† I gotta run far

††† I need a fast car

††† A Corvette will do

††† I gotta leave you


Looks that kill

Open arms just waiting

A body to thrill

Charms so intoxicating

Great womanís skills

My heartís palpitating

All gives me chills

Iím hesitating


††† I gotta run far

††† I need a fast car

††† A Corvette will do

††† I gotta leave you


Your eyes so blue

Many chances taken

Your smile so true

Many words unspoken

If I touch you

Seems love is a token

Iíll stick like glue

Many hearts get broken


††† I gotta Run far

††† I need a fast car

††† A Corvette will do

††† I gotta leave you












To Defeat the Sinister Ones

††††† ††††††††† ††††††††††††††By George J. Kimble


They've built a car of great report

To defeat the sinister ones

It's been the dreams of many young men

And God I know I'm one


Its mother was a mechanic, the tuner of great machines.

Its father is a driver, the heart of every team.

The only thing a driver needs, is luck and a track.

And the only time he is satisfied, is when he leads the pack.


There is a world challenge, to race the Sinister Ones

A test of great endurance, to crown the Champions

People, I'm here to tell you, go ahead and place your bets.

At Lemans, the world will be stunned, by the RacingCorvettes.


Now, Mothers tell your children,

Don't loose hope, as some have done.

Chevy has built a race car,

To defeat the Sinister Ones


The Porches and Ferraris, are all battle dressed

For too many seasons, they have been called the very best.

They unfurl their flags, and the victor's spoils they claim.

They give no mercy on the track, and rivals they put to shame


The spirit, of the warrior, is hardened under fire.

Racing Corvettes are historic, to legends the Corvette aspires

In sports car battles, there is every thing to gain.

This, conquest of the world, must end in Victory Lane.


Oh, Mothers show your children,

A vision of things to come

A great battle for the Corvette,

To defeat the Sinister Ones


And, Mothers tell your children,

To believe in what's been done.

Believe the Corvette Racer,

Will defeat the Sinister Ones


Last Chance for Sunoco

††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† By George J. Kimble


Long line of headlights into my eyes glair

Long way down the road and she just donít care

Long time now, her battery light glowing red

Long argument and I canít believe what she said


One last smoke on the passengers seat

One rod knocking, will it over heat?

One more mile of sadness

One man lost in midnight madness


Last exit, caustic green glow

Last thought, is she going to blow?

Last heart beat feels abnormally slow

Last chance for Sunoco


Long road, twisted leaving

Long life happiness and sorrow weaving

Long pondered, finally deciding

Long yellow lines, highway dividing


One old song on the radio playing

One soul lost and saying

One thought in my mind is staying

One sputter and cough, tank empty, betraying


Last sense of power gone

Last wish to see the dawn

Last station light, faintest glow

Last chance for Sunoco


Long ramp fills my view

Long love, Is it through?

Long gray bus coming through

Long way overdue?


One minute yes

One minute no

One minute stay

One minute go


Last drop of gas and dollar spent

Last spark from the battery rent

Last memory as I watched her go

Last chance for Sunoco


Long passage of loverís fight

Long kiss, somethingís not right

Long vivid dreams and cold sweat nights

Long look into head-on lights


One circuit disrespecting

One mind disconnecting

One for another, heart beseeching

One spark, but cables not reaching


Last drop of oil pressure

Last throb of sensual pleasure

Last sign said, ď SLOWĒ

Last Chance for Sunoco


††††† ††††††††† By George J. Kimble


I went down to Georgia; Road Atlanta was the place

It was late at night. I was preparing my Corvette for a race

I was mixing up some nitro, when a specter did appear

He was ugly as sin, something mortals are bound to fear


He said, ďI am a driver, the best youíve ever seenĒ

Smoke and sparks came out his ears and places in between

He said, ďIíll bet your Corvette; My Firebird will burn your tires offĒ

But, I wasnít scared, Because my Corvette has never ever lost


He jumped inside his Firebird; it began to howl

I cranked up my Corvette, with a mighty growl

Then lightening struck, and flames outlined the course

I had no fear, since my Corvette was an awesome force


That red car took off, like a bat out of hell

The awful stench of rubber burning, was all that I could smell

I knew he meant business, and this wasnít just for fun

But, my Corvette jumped out, like it was shot from a gun


I chased him round the bends, and closed in on the straights

We were neck and neck, when we reached the timing gates

I looked over at his face, as we screamed down a rise

That is when I noticed, he had fire in his eyes


I knew the approaching corner, only had one groove

He wasnít going to let up, and I wasnít going to move

Then at the ninety, we both did arrive

There is an awful sound, when two racers do collide

He spun off the road, in a ball of fire and smoke

I pulled into the pit, and not a word was spoke

Many races have come and gone, since that eerie night

Every time I pass a red car, I still recall that sight


If you are driving out there, and it is late at night

If you see a red Firebird, and head lights seem too bright

You are riding in your Vette, and get a little fright

Take this as a warning; be sure to dim your lights

Ainít It A Shame

††††† ††††††††† By George J. Kimble


Mike and Harry

Looking kinda scary

Coming down the turnpike

Probably should have hitch hiked


Muscle car and Corvette

Racing on a big bet

Corvetteís stroking,

Muscle car is smoking


Think of two friends

Rushing towards a sudden end

No shame in a car duel

Shame never occurs to young fools


Side by side

Muscle car starting to slide

Control is slipping

To the ragged edge theyíre ripping


Get up, set up

Some one better let up

We all believe in dumb luck

But, No one saw the dump truck


Tires squeal

Crumpled steel

Gas tanks do explode

Bloodís all over the road


Crash in, Bashed in

No one would give in

Two kinds of death wish

One kind of cold fish


I know, You know

Sometime, Weíll all have to go

But, When two young men die

Makes a grown man want to cry


No Blame, stupid game

Every thing is up in flame

Well anyway, the reaper came

I say, ďAinít It A ShameĒ


††††† ††††††††† By George J. Kimble


You keep saying youíve got something for me

And you keep saying youíve got something tough

Well, Iím not shaking and you donít scare me

And my Corvette may look a little rough


This Corvette was built for racing

And thatís just what itís gonna do

This Vette was built for racing

And itís gonna walk all over you


And you keep bragging all about your Ford car

Like itís the only thing up on the track

And you wonít believe the Bow Tie is the star - Yeah!

I just keep sayingput up a little Jack


ĎCause this Vette was built for racing

And thatís what itís gonna do

This Corvette was built for racing

And itís gonna walk all over you


Now the time has come for you to show me

And Itís time for that blue oval to pay itís dues

We are staged and lights are flashing on the tree - Yeah!

And I hope Olí Henry taught you to sing the blues


ĎCause this Vette was built for racing

And thatís just what itís gonna do

This Corvette was built for racing

And itís gonna walk all over you


Lots of smoke and the smell of tires burning

At the line, that is your normal deal

And my Vette simply starts itís tires turning - Yeah!

Just a little chirp or maybe a tiny squeal


This Vette was built for racing

And thatís just what itís gonna do

This Corvette was built for racing

And itís gonna walk all over you


After all that talk and your loud bragginí

My Corvette was on top at the end

And maybe you should trade for a station wagon -Yeah!

And I hope you learned a lesson my dear friend


ĎCause this Vette was built for Racing

And thatís what itís gonna do

This Corvette was built for Dragginí

And it just walked all over you