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Poetry For The Road introduces you to the experiences and fun of the automotive hobby. By presenting poetic glimpses of the life style "car nuts" all know. Meet those guys and gals that are always at the car shows or cruising in exotic machines up and down the strip. Laugh with a look under the hood of Car Enthusiast. You all know one in your life. If it has wheels we know him. This book will be right at home in your travel bag or on your coffee table. Enjoy the experience of ownership, buying, selling, restoring, racing, rallying and the fantasies of a true Car Guy. The Road Poet knows cars and car people and presents this in a humorous and fascinating way.

Poetry For The Road    2005

by George J. Kimble                                        

158 pages; Perfect bound; catalogue #04-2462; ISBN 0-9767024-0-1

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