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Poetry For The Road

by George J Kimble

158 pages; Perfect bound; ISBN 0-9767024-0-1; Contact the Author

A poetic view of the automotive hobby buying, selling, owning , driving, racing, showing, auto-crossing, the people, place and things that happen to us when we love our cars. Great for the glove box for those road trips or on the coffee table for conversation starters.

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About the Book

POETRY FOR THE ROAD is an adventure fantasy of a journey to freedom both mental and physical in which the characters triumph over themselves and every danger they encounter. These poems are the adventures that are part and parcel of an automobile inspired life. The poems are inspired by years within the automotive hobby, where enthusiasm and fun are the keys to being a "True Car Nut". These verses are tuned to the rhythms of the highway, engines, tracks and life styles of automotive hobbyist. There is never a dull moment when engines fire, people gather and there is an open road ahead. Join "The Road Poet" in his exciting and unusual look at The American Automobile Experience.  

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About the Author

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George J. Kimble was born in 1949 in Upstate New York to a family that loved racing. The family was involved with mostly dirt track racing. George’s father built cars that ran, in those days, as stockcars. He spent many weekends with his family, of four brothers and two sisters a stepbrother and eight stepsisters, at venues like Shangri-La, Bath, Waterloo, Oswego, and Chemung, New York. His memories include his mother driving in “Powder Puff Derbies”, cheering on his stepfather Ed’s cars. Hanging around the drivers and often helping prepare the cars for the next race. He spent long hours with his brother John laying in bed and looking out the window to the street below identifying the cars that went by. He has loved cars since he was a tot.

George was married to, his wife in 1972, the former Carol Comfort. They have one son, Eli, who has spent many hours with George restoring antique cars and showing Corvettes. George, Carol and Eli have a deep appreciation for the automotive hobby and the people that make it so interesting.

George is involved with several Corvette and Antique car clubs in the region around Middle Tennessee. His cars have earned local, regional and national awards. The experiences he has had, with the people, auto clubs, car shows and racing, inspired him to write the poetry in this book. Several years ago he was nicknamed “The Road Poet”.

George served in Viet Nam and earned a degree from The State University of New York at Plattsburg in Environmental Science. George has worked in Nashville Tennessee for the past twenty-seven years

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