By  George J. Kimble


 Copy right date: 1/29/2005

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Index of Poetry For The road

Chapter 1         Getting a car

Middle Aged And crazy Pg 4                                             (Good Reason for A Corvette)

Negotiating a Dream Pg 5                                                 (Buying A Car Experience)

Love Your Car  Pg 7                                                           (Friends on New cars)

Black She Devil Pg 9                                                         (Love Affair with My Corvette)

We Aim To Please Pg 10                                                   (Dealership Repair Experience)

Shade Tree Pg 12                                                                (Computerization Of Vehicles) 

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Chapter II        History of Corvettes

Classic Glass Pg 13                                                           (Corvette History)

Instincts Of The Breed Pg 14                                           (First NCM Caravan Experience)

Number Five Alive Pg 15                                                   (C-5 Is Produced)

Beyond Time Pg 17                                                             (Fifth Anniversary Caravan)

Who Was That Dreamer Pg 19                                        (Salute To The Corvette Father)

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Chapter III              A Saga

Spirit of a Glass Horse Pg 20                                           (Willie’s Story)

Closing Time Pg 22                                                            (Angelina’s Dream of Willie)

Unlikely Duet Pg 24                                                           (Roadhouse Encounter)

White Knuckled Pg 26                                                      (Willie and Angelina Chase)

Bad Mood Rising Pg 28                                                     (Playboy Attacks )

How Long Is Forever Pg 30                                               (Willie and Angelina Decision)

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Chapter IV            Stranger Than Fiction

Ah Pg 32                                                                               (Corvette Experienced)

Another dimension Pg 33                                                  (Corvette Acts as Time Machine)

Destiny Pg 34                                                                      (Strange End in a Corvette)

Speed Demons Pg 35                                                          (A Really Bad Dream)

Jagged Edge Pg 37                                                              (Wrong Exit)

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Chapter V           Fantasies

Hound And The Hare Pg 39                                              (Night In The Desert )

One Hundred and Ten In The Shade Pg 41                    (Penalty in Louisiana)       

Heat Stroke Pg 42                                                              (Everything Changes)

Plan Brown Rapper Pg 45                                                 (Corvette Street Racer)

Primer Gray After Dark Pg 47                                        (Viper Vs. Vette Drag)      

Pumping Iron Pg 49                                                           (Found a Big Block)           

Switcharoo Pg 51                                                                (Making A Ford Go Fast)

Reality Check Pg 53                                                          (The Perfect Road)

Vette Dreams Pg 54                                                           (Corvette Sensuality)      

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 Chapter VI           Life Experienced

What Happened Pg 56                                                        (Getting a Kids First Project)

Quest For The Bubble Pg 58                                            (Finding a Special Part)                    

A Feeling Like This Pg 60                                                (Broke Down On The Road)                             

Poof  Pg 61                                                                            (Thieves)

Lifted Pg 63                                                                          (Saved By Angels)

To The Bone Pg 65                                                             (Snow Driving Experience)               

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Chapter VII                     Shows

Picture This Pg 68                                                             (Winter and Restoring)

Udn Udn Pg 69                                                                     (Restoring Corvette)

Regina Pg 70                                                                       (Trailer Queen Syndrome)

A Glimmer Pg 71                                                                (Car Show Experience)

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Chapter VIII                 Road Calls

Spring Ride Pg 72                                                              (A Corvette Club Tour)

Clueless 73                                                                          (Lost in a Caravan to Mountains)

The Sky Is No Limit Pg 75                                                (Corvettes Meet Airplanes)              

Smokey Mountain Breakdown Pg 77                              (Car Folks Help One Another)

Opportunity Pg 79                                                              (Bristol experience)

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Chapter IX        Doing It

Homily of The Rally Master Pg 81                                  (Rally Start Instructions)

Some Like It Hot Pg 83                                                      (Autocross)

Rice Anyone Pg 84                                                             (A Corvette Club Tour)

Muscle Vs. Hustle Pg 87                                                   (Mopar Beats Corvette)

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Chapter X        Zoom Zoom Zoom

Heroes Of The Mud Pg 89                                                 (Dirt Track Memories)

The Test Pg 91                                                                    (Racing Gransport)

A Different Battle Scene Pg 92                                        (Mosport Race)

Expedition Pg 94                                                                  (Lemans Race)

The Winner That Lost Pg 96                                            (Racer Killed)

Circuit Rap Pg 98                                                               (Pit Crew for a Woman)

Super Stock Racer Pg 99                                                  (What Happens To Race Drivers)

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Chapter XI         Life, Liberty and Pursuit

Spinning Out Of Control (again) Pg 101                       (Need a Fast Car)

To Defeat The Sinister Ones Pg 102                              (C-5R Is built To Win)

Last Chance  For Texaco 103                                           (It was Done)

Spector Pg 105                                                                    (Devil Racing)     

Ain’t It a Shame Pg 106                                                     (Bad Wreck Kids)

Walking Pg 107                                                                  (Corvette Brag)

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